About Mobati`s Am- Staff Started in 1996 with American Staffordshire Terrier and dog shows, we handled our male Ch. Honey Bear of Angel Peak to his German and Luxembourg Champion title. Rest in peace my good and loyal friend “Coolio “. We bred our first litter in 2004 with Tse Tse Tipit z Hanky x Angie`s Johnny Walker Red. A litter of six beautiful puppies was the result with sucess of the male “Mobati`s  Veni Vidi Vici” . He received the German Ch. title and  won the German Clubmatch.  2006 we bred Tse Tse Tipit z Hanky to the great male “Dr. Hakenbush`s Bon Jovi John”. The result were 5 beautifull puppies. Due to private circumstances, we had no chance to show not only one of this litter and it was the entry of a very long show and breed break. 2013 , after 7 years of breaktime with priority for family and house building we came back  with our new rising star, “Angie`s Zulu Queen” aka “Zulu”. She is our hope to succeed with what just began a long time ago.... See the following pages about us and our dogs Mobati`s American Staffordshire Terrier FCI / VDH / GBF reg No 674270  .